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Healy Saints
Stoncreek's And The Beat Goes On


My name is "Bo Jangles" Stoncreek's And The Beat Goes On

Sire: Healy's Benedict What A Guy, ptd

Dam: Healy's Bella Of Scenic View Farms

   Welcome  to our place, we hope that you enjoy looking at our many years in this Breed. We also hope that you will be able to learn from the photo's, the old ones and the new ones in recent years, if you are interested in learning more about the True St. Bernard. On this Web page there are not only many years represented, there are many Top Show Quality Saints and many Champions, many Dog shows, many different judges, who have appreciated Healy Dogs, Dixieland Dogs and Siegfried Dogs, over a period of 38 yrs. of my own. Also there are many different Bloodlines represented, many who I have personally worked with for many years and those that I have personally developed of my own.  You will see all kinds of different looking dog's, but each and everyone of them had to match up to my critical eye, to have been able to be a part of my Breeding Program. They had something very important to offer this breed, or they wouldn't be pictured on this Web page.  It is Important to remember that there is NO Perfect St. Bernard, NO Perfect Bloodlines of St. Bernards, and certainly No perfect Breeder. I personally have always had one goal, and that was to Improve this wonderful Breed, therefore this Web Page shows My efforts of Breed Improvements.  Thank You for stopping by to visit with Siegfrieds Of Dixieland! I want to also thank the many people who have sent me photo's of their Healy, Dixieland or Siegfried dogs, to be put on this new Web page, and for not only Loving and Caring for their Dog's, but for being so supportive of their Bloodlines, and my Efforts of Breed Improvements. Notice on our Web Page we do not just have a few dogs that we have shown recently or bred recently, we are showing you the Consistent quality we have produced over 38 yrs. so you can view the entire family of dogs, and not just the sire or dam of a particular puppy, but you can trace the entire pedigree of one of our puppies. To see all the St. Bernards involved in our pups pedigrees, and not just the ones we show or have kept ourselves for showing or breeding, but rather photo's of many other ones who are owned by other people that we have produced. This Web Page also shows the number of years we really have been in St. Bernard Dogs, and not just that we owned one Saint many years ago and then started to show and breed them, but rather we were actively showing and bred St. Bernards back in the 70s, then to date. We do share our best ones with other people, and we are always looking for good show homes for our Best ones. We have helped many people get started in showing St. Bernards, and they may have gotten their very first champion from us.We have always tried to help others with understanding the St. Bernard Breed Standard, in fact I dissected it for everyone with my Article on "Changes" back in 1995, that Article was published all over the World. And to this day it still applies, so it's a great Article to read if you really want to learn about what is correct and what's wrong with so many of the Saints today and of course why there are some of them with serious Health issue. It matters greatly what Bloodlines you purchase from a breeder, as to whether it will end up having serious problems or not. This Web Page is dedicated to The Great St. Bernard Dog, and my many years of working with this wonderful Breed.

Cheryl Ricketts

Ring Of Champions!

Here is "Healy's Snowman V. Siegfried"(mjr.ptd.)  AKA " Snowman"

Owner Handled by Trey Healy

"Snowman" taking  Winners Dog in March 2010 Tn. Shows.

Judge: Charles Trotter

Here is one of my Head Studies!

Notice the dog on the left has a really good Head Type, with plenty of front and back skull, good shaped muzzle, and cut of lip. Also notice the dog on the left Neck, and the width of the Top of his Head.


Now, compare that dog to the dog on the right. Even though the Head Type of the dog on the right has become accepted more every year, he is completely Over Done and does not have Correct Head Type as per the Breed Standard. He does not have good front or back skull, nor does he have cheek bone, his muzzle is way too large compared to the size of his head, or skull. His neck is not set well, he has Pendant Lip, and has too large a ears, which gives a Hound dog appearance, his eyes can not be seen, for all the Wrinkles and he has the Wrinkle Factor. His nose must stick up in the air due to the fact his head is so out of balance and so heavy for the size of his neck, this is the only way he can carry his head. The length of his muzzle is way too short, yet way too deep. Totally out of balance for a good St. Bernard Head. This type head has absolutely too many faults or short-comings, to ever be considered good or with good Head Type. His skull is domed and his muzzle is arched. This is what is called Extremely Over Done.

We will be having  a new litter ready to go out in the Spring so

write to us now, to plan ahead, and see if you qualify to own one of these very special babies, we are accepting deposits now,

so you can get on our waiting list!

Our new litter will be from a very rare combination of very Old German and Holland Bloodlines

the finest from all over the World brought together by many years of experience, and knowing

what bloodlines do offer the qualities that make for a Great St. Bernard Dog.

Here is Healy's Snowman V. Siegfried

Be watching for him at a show near you this Spring.

Owner/Handler Trey Healy

Sire: Healy's Out Of The Blu Polar Exp.

Dam: Healy's Hinky Dinky Par La Vue

Here s an outstanding Pup at only 13 months of age!

From mostly European Bloodlines.

Here is " Snowman" again, right after taking his first major win, from the 12-18 month puppy class, over grown Dogs.

Congratulations to Trey and his Snowman! Also, thanks to the judge, Mr. Noe for seeing this young dogs quality.

What a Puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is Janet and Craig Thacher at a Dog Show

with some Healy dogs! From left to right

Daisy, Sally Ann, and Ch. Fireball !

Ch. Healy's Unforgetable 'N' Time, Ch. Tanja,

Sire: Ch. Ironman V. Lofty

Dam: Dixieland's Time In A Bottle, "Samba"

Samba's Sire: Neth. Imp. Siegfried's Dirk V. D. Sharomano

Ch. Siegfried's Scarlett O' Hara, "Ch. Scarlett"
Awarded by: Next Day Pets
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Frontline, Pet Meds, Revolution
Pets Directory

Here's Our Ch. Healy's Iron Ice Breaker Oh No, "Ch. Icey"

Sire: Ch. Ironman V. Lofty

Dam: Dixieland's Flash Jazz Dancer

Ch. Ironman V. Lofty,

Sire: Thorin V. Oakenshield ( Amer. Lines)

Dam: Siegfried's Baffie

Baffie's Sire: Holland Imp. Ch. Harrie V. Majoshof

Baffie's Dam: German Imp. Ch. Xilla Vom Norfbach

 Ch. Ironman at the National Specialty Show

taking 1st in Amer. Bred Class, Handled by Cheryl

Ch. Healy's Breakout Pandamonium,  Ch. Giavonni

Sire: Healy's Where Eagles Fly, GQ

Dam: Healy's Pandamonium Breakout

Ch. Siegfried's Anjanette, "Ch. Angie"

Sire: Ch. Hunk Von Mardonof  (Top Producing St. Bernard for many years)

Dam: Swiss Imp. Lori Von Rigihang

Ch. Angie was the most structurally sound Saint standing or moving I have ever seen, and I was very fortunate to have been able to own her. Ch. Angie's do not come along every day they are so few and far between. Owning a female like Ch. Angie could teach anyone a lot about what is correct in Head and Over All Type as per our Breed Standard. This photo proves that the correct Head Type had already been produced and was locked in way back in the 70's. Why try to change something this correct as per our St. Bernard Breed Standard?

Thanks Again to all of those judges who have chosen our Healy Dog's as the Best dog's at so many Dog Shows all through the 32 yrs. of showing them to so many different judges. And YES, they won because of their outstanding qualities, as fine representatives of this wonderful breed.

Hat's Off to all our Noble Friends and to all those Judges who have appreciated them!

Cheryl Ricketts

Ch. Healy's Silver Blueprint Of SS, "Ch. Lee Roy"

"Ch. Lee Roy" won Westminister back in 1981.

Sire: Ch. Siegfried's Silver Skate

Dam: Siegfried's Arna

Ch. Healy's Master Plan O' Skate, "Ch. Master"

Sire: Ch. Siegfried's Silver Skate

Dam: Siegfried's Arna

Arna's Sire: Ch. Hunk Von Mardonof

Arna's Dam: Swiss Imp. Samba Von Burgenstock

Ch. Prices Von Hunk, Ch. Chip

# 8 in the Top Ten  1978-79

Sire: Ch. Hunk Von Mardonof

Dam: Swiss Imp. Lori Von Rigihang

Ch. Chip was a litterbrother to Ch. Angie, and Ch. Rita.

Ch. Siegfried's Rita is pictured in The St. Bernard Classic.

Ch. Healy's Rock A My Soul O' Panda, "Ch. Toby"

Sire: Healy's Where Eagles Fly GQ

Dam: Healy's Pandamonium Breakout

Here is Healy's The Whole Shabang (ptd)

Sire: Healy's The King Of Rock N Roll

Dam: Montmart's Lucy V. Healy ( ptd)

With A Face Like This Who Could Resist!

A Typical Short-haired Healy Puppy!

Ch. Healy's Great Balls OF Fire, "Ch. Fireball"

Sire: Andrea's Cesar Du Vanel

Cesar's Sire: Swiss Imp. Elvis Du Vanel  (mjr.ptd.)  OFA Cert. Exc. Hip Sockets

Dam: Andrea's Little Squaw Bear

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Experience Is The Best Teacher!
Old European Bloodlines combined with the Best American Bloodlines, to maintain the Best from all over the World. Experienced Breeder of many Champions and Top Show Quality St. Bernards. Excellent Quality Bloodlines brought together by an Experieced Breeder, to create the finest St. Bernards bred for the true qualities this breed should have as per the St. Bernard Breed Standard.

Siegfried's Of Dixieland
P.O. Box 332
Mt. Juliet, Tn 37121
Phone: 615-754-5805

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